Races and Challenges

2022 5K Race Series

Points awarded for 5K runners at each race. Overall awards for cumulative point totals after final race click here for current standings. Divisions include Men’s Open, Men’s Over 30, Women’s Open, and Women’s Over 30. Advanced registration required. 

Schedule coming soon... 

Advance registration required. 

For more information, call 817-782-1270 or email Cnicseftwomwr-fitnesscenter@us.navy.mil

100 Mile Club and 500 Mile Club

100 MILE CLUB: Maybe you can’t run 100 miles all at once, but you CAN do it in a year. Send us screenshots of your runs throughout the year and we’ll record them on our leader board. Email Cnicseftwomwr-fitnesscenter@us.navy.mil. Competition is open now!

500 MILE CLUB: Want to go even further? You’ll have a year to run, row, and bike 100 miles each, and swim 50 miles. The last 100 miles are a “wild card,” where you choose the activity. Send screenshots of your workouts to Cnicseftwomwr-fitnesscenter@us.navy.mil. Competition is open now!