Liberty - Single Service Member Program

The Liberty Lounges are located on three floors in Barracks BLDG 1566. Liberty provides high energy recreation programs, superior entertainment experiences, and development of personal leisure skills, leading to extraordinary and unique opportunities for enjoyment, activity, and adventure in an alcohol and tobacco-free environment.


  • NFL, NBA, MLB games in the lounge
  • free use of computers
  • wireless Internet
  • state-of-the-art video game systems, movies and TV rooms
  • book collections
  • special events

Check in at the first floor of the Lounge in Barracks BLDG 1566 for a tour!


  • sporting events
  • outdoor adventures
  • shopping trips
  • amusement parks
  • ski trips
  • festivals
  • concerts
  • other seasonal programs

Contact us at 817-913-4022 or visit us on the first-floor lounge in BLDG 1566!