MWR announces updated hours and access

The base has moved to HPCON Bravo+. MWR is thrilled to receive this news, and pleased to announce we have updated our COVID safety protocols. Effective Thursday, Oct. 28, all MWR facilities will implement the following policies:

- Staff will no longer perform a temperature check or health screening on patrons.

- Facilities will be allowed to accommodate up to 40 percent of their capacity. 


In addition, the Fitness Center will make the following changes:

- Online reservations required only for those attending a class (link below).

- Patrons will need to sign in upon arrival and sign out when finished.

- Retirees, dependents, and others are allowed to use the facility during non-peak hours.

- Hours of Operation will be expanded as follows; please note the non-peak hours. 

Monday through Friday: 0500 to 1900

Non-peak hours: 0800 to 1030, 1300 to 1530


Saturday and Sunday: 0700  to 1700; all weekend hours are non-peak.


The Aquatic Center will implement the following changes:

- Two swimmers permitted per lane, 10 permitted in the open recreation area.

- Online reservations required only for those attending a class (link below).

- Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 0600 to 1300.


Masks will still be required for all personnel, regardless of vaccination status.

To sign up for a Fitness Center or Aquatics class, please visit


The bowling center, grill, library, Auto Skills and Movie Reel all are open, info available on the MWR website, Additional details regarding these facilities will be released soon.

View the schedule of upcoming movies. 


Thank you for your patience and support while we work through this difficult time. Have a great day and we will look forward to seeing you in one of our many facilities.