Update on COVID safety protocols.

MWR is open!


Most MWR facilities are open. Now that the base is in HPCON Bravo, we have updated some our COVID safety restrictions. Guests will no longer have their temperature checked or have to submit to a health screening. We are still requiring guests to wear masks and maintain social distancing (about 6 feet apart). Detailed information about our facilities is below.

Aquatic Center

NOTE: The Aquatic Center is currently closed for maintenance work. We apologize for any inconvenience. Posted 5/11

Open to active duty, reservists, retirees and dependents. Guests not permitted
this time. Online reservations no longer required.  BLDG 3319 • 817-782-1220

HOURS: Monday/ Wednesday/Friday: 0600 to 1300 and 1400 to 1800.
Closed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays, and Sundays.

  • • Building capacity: 45
  • • ONE person per lane (6 lanes available)
  • • Showers available at limited capacity
  • • Masks must be worn except while in pool or shower stall
  • • Cubbies on deck will be open for patron use
  • • Swimming aides not available, must bring your own
  • • No command PTs or other group training sessions
  • • Functional Fitness area CLOSED

Auto Skills

Open to active duty, reservists, and dependents only. Guests, retirees
and dependents not permitted at this time. 
BLDG 1145 • 817-782-6375

HOURS: Tuesday-Friday 1000 to 1800; Saturday 0900 to 1700

  • • Building capacity 10, no more than 2 persons per bay
  • • CASHLESS, credit card only
  • • Tools must be cleaned by customer after use

Child Development Center

The Center remains at Level 2 Care, with some restrictions in place. School-age Care remains closed,
but the CDC is still offering school-age services. Please call for more info, 817-782-7520 or visit BLDG 3320.
HOURS: Monday-Friday, 0700 to 1600.

Community Recreation -Tickets & Travel

Open to active duty, reservists, and dependents only. Guests and retirees not
permitted at this time.
BLDG 3328 • 817 913-2388 or 817-913-0370

Facility closed 1300 to 1330 for cleaning. HOURS:
Ticket Sales: Tuesday-Saturday 1000 to 1700
Recreation Rentals: Thursday-Saturday 0900 to 1700
Property Storage: Monday-Saturday by appointment only

  • • All motorized boat rentals must be made at least one day in advance
  • • Building capacity 8, outdoor waiting area available
  • • CASHLESS, credit card only
  • • Equipment must be checked out AND returned to the front desk for cleaning

Current Ticket Price List        Disney World 2021 Military Discounts Flier       
Disney World 2021 Hotel Discounts Flier        Outdoor Rental Items Information


Fitness Center

Open to active duty and reservists only. Guests, retirees and dependents not permitted
at this time. Online reservations no longer required.
Click here to sign up for a specific class.

HOURS: Monday-Friday: 0600 to 1800.
Saturday: 0800 to 1300. Sunday: CLOSED

  • • Building capacity: 65 per hour
  • • Locker rooms and showers available at limited capacity
  • • Masks are required at all times, except while on cardio equipment or showering
  • • No towel service or water fountains (except bottle dispensers)
  • • No checkout/use of bands
  • • No group ex or personal training
  • • BUMED required 10ft social distancing
  • • Basketball Court CLOSED
  • • Racquetball Court CLOSED


Open to active duty and reservists only. Guests, retirees, and dependents not permitted at this time. BLDG 1566 • (817) 782-3175

Monday-Friday: 1600 to 2100
Saturday-Sunday: 1300 to 2100

  • • Building Capacity: Lounge 6, Movie Lounge 4, Entertainment Lounge 6, Quiet Study 2
  • • All equipment must be checked out from and returned to front desk for cleaning
  • • Activities will be set up outdoors, weather permitting
  • • Music booth will remain closed


Open to active duty, reservists, and dependents only. Guests are not permitted at this time. BLDG 1802 • (817) 782-7735

Capacity is limited and the children’s area is closed, guests are not allowed to browse the bookshelves, and the library is not available as a study area or for socializing. However, the computers and Wi-Fi are available, and guests can still can print or fax things. And you can always make use of the library’s outstanding online catalog of materials for all ages: Study for an exam, learn a new language, or just enjoy a great book. Curbside pickup is also available.

MTW: 0900 to 1800
Thursdays: 0900 to 1830
Fridays: 0900 to 1630
Saturdays: 1100 to 1700

View the base catalog        View the Navy MWR catalog        See new arrivals


  • • Items available include books, DVDs, video games and more
  • • To request items during open hours, please call (817) 782-7735 or e-mail FtworthMWRlibrary@gmail.com
  • • Staff will call/email patron when items are ready for pick up
  • • Upon arrival, call the Library at (817) 782-7735 to let us know you are here
  • • Staff will bring your items out to your car
  • • Enjoy!
  • • Items should be returned to the blue book drop in the Library parking lot, at which point they will be disinfected and quarantined for 72 hours

Movie Reel

The theater is open. On Fridays, showtime is 1630. Saturdays and Sundays, showtimes are 1400 and 1600.
Click here to see this week's movies, or hear a recording by calling 817-782-6037. BLDG 1845.

TEN Bowling Center

Open to all with base access. Online reservations accepted but not
CLICK HERE TO RESERVE. BLDG 1815 • 817-782-6122

Monday-Thursday: 1200 to 1900
Friday-Saturday: 1200 to 2100
Sunday: 1200 to 1900

  • • Building Capacity 40
  • • CASHLESS, credit card only
  • • Only every other lane open
  • • Bowling lanes, balls, and shoes will be thoroughly cleaned after use

TEN Bowling Center Grill

Open to all with base access. Dining room is open with limited capacity,
carryout also is available. 
VIEW THE MENU BLDG 1815 • (817) 782-5505

Daily 0630 to 1400
Breakfast: 0630 to 1030
Lunch: 1030 to 1400

  • • CASHLESS, credit card only
  • • Outdoor seating available

The Lone Star Center, BLDG 2570, remains closed. We are doing some programming in the large tent next to the building.