Parent Toolkit: Parent Seminars

Courses held at the CDC BLDG 3320 • 4:30pm
Open to all with base access!

July 25: How to be a Connected Parent in a Military World
TDYs, Deployments and Unusual Work Shifts, Oh My! This training will educate parents on how to navigate being a military member and an involved parent. Parents will receive tips and tricks on how to handle the challenges of military life while having a quality home life.

August 22: Ages and Stages: Developmental Milestones
Is my child normal? My child isn’t doing what the other children do. This seminar will address these concerns and identify what is considered developmentally appropriate verses when to be concerned.

August 29: Kids Have Bad Days Too!
Your Child and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  This training will help parents understand the reasoning why children have hard days at school. Parents will receive information on how to handle bad days while continuing to support their child and increase the number of good days.