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Show Like a Pro 

Everything you need to know about the 2024 Wings Over Cowtown Air Show






What is the ADMISSION fee? General Admission entry is FREE, but if you want to park on base or Ridgmar Mall, you need a FREE parking pass. Click HERE to reserve a parking pass.

Which is the best or closest parking lot? They are all similar, but Main Gate will have the most number of lanes for easier entrance and exit.

I have base access, why do I need to show a PARKING PASS to get on base? Regardless of your military ID, you will need a parking pass to enter the base the
weekend of the air show. 

I LIVE ON BASE. How does the parking pass rules affect me? We will communicate with those living on the installation in the coming days.

What is the price to reserve a CHALET? In order to maximize the amount of General Admission viewing area along the show line, we are NOT offering chalets. Please consider purchasing a VIP ticket. For information, visit the VIP Tickets page. 

How do I buy VIP TICKETS? VIP tickets are SOLD OUT, but our concessionaire is selling seats in their Reserved Seating area. You will need to reserve your free parking pass.

May I attend if I am visiting from a FOREIGN country? Foreign nationals planning to be in GENERAL ADMISSION (free) will be screened and admitted at the MAIN GATE. Foreign nationals with VIP Tickets, will be screened at the VIP gate.

May I bring YOUNGER FAMILY MEMBERS even though I am the only one with an ID? Yes, the Air Show is open to the general public.

What is the show FACEBOOK page?



Will there be RV parking available? RV's are NOT authorized for entrance into the Air Show.

May we bring our own CHAIRS and blankets? For the General Admission seating area, bring your own chairs and blankets. Seating area is mostly concrete. In the VIP area and the Reserve Seating section, chairs will be provided.

May we bring a pop-up TENT? No.

Is there any shade? There is no shade in General Admission seating area, just open skies to view the show. Please consider sunblock, hat, and sunglasses. There is shade in the VIP Hospitality Area for those with VIP lanyards and VIP wristbands.

Are COOLERS allowed? Coolers and outside food and drink are NOT permitted.

Are BAGS allowed? Yes, but ALL PERSONNEL AND BELONGINGS ARE SUBJECT TO SEARCH. There will be faster admission for those with no bags. We encourage attendees to have clear bags, diaper bags, and small purses.  

May I bring a STROLLER or WAGON? Yes, but ALL PERSONNEL AND BELONGINGS ARE SUBJECT TO SEARCH. There will be faster admission for those with no stroller or wagon.

Should I bring HEARING PROTECTION? Hearing protection is HIGHLY encouraged for all Air Show spectators, especially young children. There will be earplugs for sale during the Air Show.

May I bring my DRONE? No.

May I bring a FIREARMS? Weapons are not allowed.

May I SMOKE? No.

May I bring my PET? Non-service pets are not allowed.

May I bring an UMBRELLA? Yes.

May I bring a scanner? No.

Will the vendors take CASH or CARD? While our food and drink vendors will accept cards, paying with cash will be faster. Card processing time could be delayed if cell signals are slow due to having thousands of people with cell phones at the Air Show.

Will there be ATM's on-site? Yes, there will be ATM's on-site.

May I bring a CAMERA with long lenses? Yes, but Security will search bags



Where do we PARK? When you reserve a FREE parking pass, you will receive an email with directions on which gate to enter. For more information about parking, visit the FREE PARKING page.

Where is the LONESTAR GATE? It is accessible through the Carswell BOP gate on the Northeast side of the installation. When you reserve a FREE parking pass, you will receive an email with directions on which gate to enter. For more information about parking, visit the FREE PARKING page.

Is there a fee to PARK? There is NO fee to park in General Admission parking area. 

Will there be areas for HANDICAP PARKING? There will be a limited amount of spaces in each lot for those with a valid handicap hanging placard or handicap symbol on vehicle license plate. Disabled Veteran (DV) plates alone are not eligible for handicap parking. You must have the hanging placard or handicap symbol on vehicle license plate. Please arrive early for your best shot at a parking space.

Are there areas for HANDICAP SEATING? The General Admission area is first come, first serve. Please arrive early for General Admission seating or purchase a VIP ticket, which is the best option for those with mobiity issues. For information about VIP tickets, visit the VIP Tickets page. 

Will there be a KIDS ZONE? Yes.

Are all of the displays and performers only from the Navy? No. We are a Joint Reserve Base, so the Air Show will include the various branches.

Is there a different SHOW each day? The show schedule is the same each day.

When do the BLUE ANGELS go on? They will perform from 3:00PM to 4:00PM on Saturday AND Sunday. We will have programs available during the show and a free show schedule available HERE.

What happens if it RAINS? Rain alone will not cancel the show. Inclement weather will have to be severe and prolonged before the show is canceled. There are no makeup dates for the event. Check our Facebook page and website for inclement weather announcements.

Is the main part of the base going to be open in case I want to visit the COMMISSARY or BX? The commissary and BX will be closed April 13-14.



How does our organization get a BOOTH at the Air Show? By becoming a sponsor of the Air Show, your organization will receive Air Show benefits which could include display space, depending on your sponsorship level.

Do you need groups to volunteer at the Air Show? Yes, volunteers aged 15 and older will be a huge part of the success of this event. The Air Show is a fun way to earn money for your organization. Please email us at if interested in volunteering at the Air Show. There will be a mandatory volunteer training meeting the week of the Air Show (date and time TBD).

May I set-up my FOOD TRUCK at the Air Show? We will have a Master Concessionaire responsible for all food, drink, and merchandise sold during the Air Show. Click HERE to apply.

Will there be a MILITARY, FRIENDS, AND FAMILY SHOW on Friday? There will be a practice run of the full show on Friday, April 12, to those with standard base access. We will have one tent of concessions open to attendees. Like Saturday and Sunday, the show runs from 11:00AM to 4:00PM with the Blue Angels performing at 3:00PM.


Have more questions? Email us at  We will update this page often with more information, so you can Show Like a Pro.

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