Introducing the 500 Mile Club challenge

May 8, 2021  The new club builds on the success of our 100 Mile Club. To become a member, you'll need to do each of the following by December 31:

- Run 100 miles
- Row 50 miles
- Swim 50 miles
- Bike 200 miles (outdoor or indoor)
But that's only 400 miles--what about the last 100? That's your "wildcard." You can get those miles by doing any of the above sports. You can also log them by rucking or even just by going for a walk. Do what works best for you!

Participants will have until December 31 to log the 500 miles. Each person who reaches the goal will receive a 500 Mile Club T-shirt.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, you can still earn a 100 Mile Club T-shirt this year, too while our supplies last. Just keep sending us your miles.

Participation in the 500 Mile Club is open only to active duty and reservists. For more info, please email or call 817-782-1270. Sign up for the club and start logging your miles now.


100 Mile Club results announced

April 26, 2021 The 100 Mile Club wrapped up last month. Here are the combined miles each team ran in February and March:

NASJRB 1,816.78
MAG-41 709.87
MACS-24 419.38
FRC West 319.30
CNFK DET F 82825 25.33
Tactical Support Wing


In addition, we had EIGHTEEN individuals join our distinguished club of 100-mile runners. In alphabetical order:

Sgt. Maj. Cantu Lt. Col. Jason Ellis Michael Gonzalez Jose Jaen Zachary Mullin
Christopher Sanford
Christopher Champagne Allen Figueroa Cdr Allen Grimes Joseph Kilby Nate Neifer
Matthew Silva
Eric Durbin Austin Garner Keith Hall Capt. Mark McLean Vince Pang Logan Veirs

Three individuals logged more than 200 miles. Matthew Silva totaled 224.78, and Cdr. Grimes was right behind him, with 224.47. And our top runner was Lt. Col. Jason Ellis: In just two months, he ran 226.2 miles. That averages out to about 3.8 miles of running EVERY DAY.

Congratulations to all our club members, and thanks to all who participated.


Movie theater has reopened

April 19, 2021    MWR is pleased to announce that the Movie Reel theater has reopened. Because it has been several months since the theater was open, here are some quick facts:

- Movie Reel is Bldg.  1845, on Military Parkway.
- The theater is open to all with base access.
- Tickets are $4 for adults and $3 for children ages 12 and under.
- Movie times are 1830 Fridays, and 1400 and 1800 on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition, the concession stand is open to sell refreshments, popcorn, and candy. Outside food or drink is not permitted.

Movie Reel shows films for all ages. You’ll be able to enjoy classic movies, recent releases, and even some films not yet released. And beginning Wednesday, June 2, children’s matinees will be shown at 1200 on Wednesdays, with free admission for all.

Although the theater is reopening, COVID safety protocols will be in place. Guests will have their temperature checked, and masks are required when not eating or drinking. Social distancing must be maintained between groups.

To see the schedule of upcoming films, please copy and paste the link below into your browser. You can also hear a recorded message at 817-782-6037. Hope we see you at the movies!  MOVIE REEL SCHEDULE

Update on CDC schedule and restrictions

April 7, 2021  The Child Development Center has returned to 0600-1800 operating hours.

Please note, this is NOT a return to normal operations. The center will continue to function at Operating Level 2. Accordingly, the following restrictions are still in place:

1. Childcare services are available only to service members who have been identified as Mission Essential, and to civilians who have been required to return to the worksite.

2. Services will be available only during those times when no other adult is available to care for the child. 

3. Childcare will be provided for a maximum of 9 hours per day.

4. Care will be provided in a single classroom with a single teacher. This means children will not be moved from one classroom to another during the day.

5. Teachers will not work more than 9 hours.  At the end of a teacher’s shift, that classroom will close.

6. Parents may choose from the following schedules: 0600-1500, 0700-1600, 0800-1700 or 0900-1800.

Reservations for care will be made based on the schedule provided by the parents. Room assignments will be made based on the hours the child will be attending. If we cannot accommodate the published hours, we will reach out to you and attempt to reschedule.

Our objective is to offer more care options while maintaining COVID-19 precautions. These restrictions keep classroom ratios low and minimize interaction between the parents. In the event of a COVID-19 case, we hope this approach will minimize the impact on our programming.

The center will continue at Operating Level 2 until the installation returns to HPCON-BRAVO. We look forward to this transition and a relaxing of these restrictions.

For more information, please contact the Child Development Center at 817-782-7520. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Food bank now open for service members

April 6, 2021  The Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) has recently opened a food bank. Items available include non-perishable food, paper towels, diapers, toiletries, and more. There are no rank restrictions. FFSC is located at 3715 Vandenberg Ave. To learn more, please call 817-782-5287.

Get information on how to find a school and enroll your child

April 6, 2021  The Texas Education Agency has great information for parents. Learn how to find a school for your child, how to enroll, and about child immunizations. You can also get information about child nutrition programs, special education programs, and resources for youth who are displaced, homeless, or in foster care. It's not too soon to start planning for next year! LEARN MORE. 


Johnmichael Gonzales and Maggie Joyner are top finishers in Nautical Mile Challenge

April 6, 2021  We had an excellent turnout for out Nautical Mile Challenge Presented by GEICO Military. More than 30 participants came out to test themselves in an event that combines running, basic exercises, and a difficult sandbag workout.

Among our participants, the average completion time was about 16 minutes. Our fastest female was Maggie Joyner, who finished in 14:37. And our top male performer was Johnmichael Gonzales, who logged a very impressive time of 11:50. Our overall team winner were members of FRC West. They had the most participants from one command as well as some of the top times.

The times for Maggie and Johnmichael have been submitted to the Navy Region Southeast, where they will be compared against top performers throughout the Region. We’re thrilled to have them representing us in an event featuring 15 other bases.

For their efforts, each participant received a GEICO drawstring bag and a cool Challenge Coin. Our top finishers also will receive a gift card. And of course, all of the participants can enjoy bragging rights for having completed a very tough event.

Looking for more ways to test yourself? Our Captain’s Cup competition continues. To learn more and register, please see the link below.

Please join us in congratulating Maggie, Johnmichael, and all of our participants. Special thanks to our sponsor, GEICO Military. Please visit our sponsor’s website, Visit  No Navy endorsement implied. See you at the next event!

Captain's Cup:


Disc Golf Course now open

3-24-21  MWR's new course is now open! The 9-hole course is located near the Lone Star Center, Bldg. 2570. Meet up with other players Mondays at 1630, or play on your own. Discs are available for rental from Community Recreation, 817-913-0370. To see a course map, download the UDisc app or visit More information: 817-782-7770.


Dewayne Trevino wins swimming challenge

3-31-21  Senior Airman Dewayne Trevino is the winner of our Swim Into Spring Competition. In just two months, the Texas Air National Guard member swam 21,550 yards--that’s more than 12 miles! For his outstanding effort, Dwayne received an MWR beach towel (and of course, bragging rights). Please join us in congratulating Dwayne. See you next year!

We're hiring!

Updated May 11, 2021  MWR is currently accepting applications for recreation aides, maintenance helper, and Child Daycare Home (CDH) Providers. Learn more and apply at

CDH Providers provide care in their home for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years. They are responsible for caring for the children and helping them develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially, so that they are prepared for school.


- Providers are self-employed and can set their own rates and work either full-time or part-time.
- Providers also set their own hours. Evenings, weekends, and emergency care availability are very much in demand.
- Providers must live on base OR within 30 minutes of the base.


- Off base Providers will need to be certified the State of Texas, and then by the MWR Children and Youth Program (CYP).
- On base Providers will need to obtain certification from MWR.
- Providers will need to provide proof of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
- Extensive background checks will be conducted for the Provider AND for any other adults living in the house.
- Providers will need to complete the MWR training, which consists of 40 hours.
- The CDH Monitor-Family team will conduct a preliminary inspection of the home.
- The CDH Monitor, Fire, Safety and Medical team will then conduct a final inspection of the home.
-  A final inspection will be done, and then repeated annually.
- Providers are visited monthly by the CDH Monitor to ensure they are incompliance with all Navy CDH certification requirements.

For more information, please contact Amy McNish at the MWR Child Development Center, 817-782-7520.